It's a wrap - what's in the box?

So, the environment is really important to me and the packaging that I use reflects this. Everything is recyclable or compostable and of course, reusable too!

The 'plastic' display/hygiene envelopes are made from annually renewable corn/potato starch or cellulose so you can either re-use them or add them to your compost bin.

The postage envelopes are corrugated cardboard and paper; no plastic is involved in their construction, and these can also be re-used, or recycled along with your cardboard waste and are also very strong to protect your jewellery whilst it's on its way to you.

All packaging tape is paper based and so is biodegradable, and the cardboard jewellery boxes are re-usable and recyclable too.

In the next couple of months, I am going to be working on felting locally foraged sheep's wool, to provide the cushioning in the jewellery boxes and as additional essential packaging. As sheep's wool is a natural product, this too can be added to your compost bin and will break down naturally over time, as it does out in the fields. The wool in fact, is beneficial to the soil as it helps to retain moisture at the same time as releasing nutrients to feed plants (source:

Where the wool is unavailable, I re-use shredded paper to cushion items, so all nicely recycled, recyclable, safely wrapped and better for the environment.

If you have any ideas for environmentally friendly packaging, I would love to hear them so please feel free to contact me.